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Zirconium Veneers in Turkey: Procedure and Prices

If you have a worn, cracked or broken tooth, your dentist will likely recommend covering your tooth with a crown (veneer). Covering; It will help to preserve the length, shape and appearance of your teeth. The veneer can be made from one or more mixtures of various materials, particularly zirconium, which is a popular choice. When choosing the right material for you, you want to consider multiple factors such as the visibility of the tooth, cost, durability and how it looks. In Turkey, you can both have your holiday and the dental veneer price can cost you less.

Both the long-term use of teeth that provide oral and facial beauty harmony, and their treatment in a way that does not disturb the person and the people around them visually is possible with zirconium crown teeth. The zirconium material is biocompatible – meaning it wont cause any adverse reactions in your body. Materials of different quality, which comply with the requirements of modern medicine and provide patients with both sound and aesthetic teeth in dental treatment, eliminate tooth deficiencies and leave dental concerns behind. Zirconium dental veneers properties are better understood during use and increase the patient’s quality of life. In addition, zirconium dental veneer price are quite affordable when the visual quality is taken as a basic. You can get this treatment by successful and expert doctors in Turkey. Dental veneers in Turkey cost will be less. The Turkish dentist’s association determines the price of zirconium crowns and all other dental treatments in line with rates such as inflation and exchange rate difference every year.

The dental veneer procedure steps are as follows. Some of your natural tooth structure will be removed to place new zirconium crowns. A temporary crown will be attached while custom zirconium veneers are made in laboratories. You can treat them as if they were your real teeth. Temporary ones will be removed when new zirconium are ready. Finally, new zirconium will settle in the mouth. To answer the question of how long the procedure takes, it takes an average of 5 day, but it depends on the number of teeth in the treatment plan. During the zirconium dental veneer process, the measurement and veneering process performed in the clinic is performed by providing local anesthesia. There is no pain or ache in the procedure performed after anesthesia. There may only be sensitivity to hot and cold for a certain period of time. This is also considered normal.

In conclusion, doing your dental treatments in Turkey will cost you both affordable prices and you will have a nice holiday. Turkey offers you the best service in the dental veneers before and after process. You can have a wonderful holiday in Antalya, one of the cities with the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. At the USMILETURKEY dental clinic located here, you can have reliable and affordable treatments performed by specialist doctors, minimizing risks. USMILETURKEY’s experienced and expert staff offers you the most accurate treatment methods with minimum risks.

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