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Benefits of Getting Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Hollywood smile is a method that is determined and applied individually. It is the design of the most suitable smile by examining the shape of the person’s lips, nose, jaw, teeth, gums and face by dentists. For this reason, since everyone has a unique face type, this design is also personalized. Hollywood smile design is among the preferences of many users because it is not enough to have white teeth for a beautiful smile. Since there are many factors from gingiva to lip structure, from tooth size to nose angle, different designs need to be made. So, what are the benefits of getting this Hollywood smile in turkey?  Here’s Hollywood smile in turkey in details.

 The advantages of the right Hollywood smile design differ from person to person. The communication between the patient and the doctor is important for fully meeting the expectations with a Hollywood smile. The physician should understand the patient’s expectations correctly and be able to analyze the treatment outcome and patient expectations. In turkey, this procedure is successfully performed by our specialist physicians. The design is planned in advance, the patient’s approval is obtained and the design is constantly rehearsed. In this way, it is possible to achieve perfect results. This is one of the many advantages of performing a correct and flawless Hollywood smile in Turkey. The determination of Hollywood smile prices can only be made after a comprehensive examination of the person. For this reason, it is possible to make a clear determination on the price as the scope of the treatment to be applied may change.

However, a team of experts in their field provides service in Turkey and smile makeover cost is reasonable. Anyone can have a Hollywood smile in Turkey. Getting your Hollywood smile in Turkey will be a hassle-free process as it is a one size fits all operation. Regardless of the condition of your teeth, the structure of your teeth or whether you have had dental problems before, we can say that the biggest Hollywood smile in Turkey will be suitable for you. Whether your problem is broken teeth, degeneration, tooth staining, or deformed, unattractive teeth, a Hollywood smile in Turkey can fix broken teeth within your budget. And these dental treatments are done by specialist doctors. The success of Turkish dentists is also an extremely important advantage. As we all know, Turkey is the country with the highest dental health in the world. This leads to an increase in dental tourism.


Which Activities Can You Do Before and After the Hollywood Smile Treatment?

In the smile design called Hollywood smile design, the condition of the patient’s lip and gingival tissues is examined in detail. By examining the shapes, sizes and positions of the teeth in the mouth, the smile design that best suits the person’s face is applied. It should not be forgotten that before each step to be taken to correct the smile of the person in the digital environment, the phenomenon called aesthetics unique to the person. The face ratio of the person is planned depending on the openness of his smile. The color, shape of the teeth, position of the lips, skin color are important in making this design.

Let’s take a look at what activities can be done before and after the Hollywood smile treatment. It is necessary to pay attention to what needs to be done before and after the Hollywood smile. Especially before the procedure, foods that will irritate the palate structure should not be consumed. Before the procedure, if the patient’s palate is damaged, treatment is started in this area first. In addition, necessary controls are made by specialist doctors before the procedure and it is decided whether the patient is suitable for treatment. It is important for the physician to understand the patient’s wishes and expectations very well, to analyze how well the treatment results can overlap with them, and to start the treatment by meeting with the patient on a common denominator. You can have it done in our USMILETURKEY clinic, which has a strong and equipped infrastructure, so will get healthy results.

Hollywood smile is important for a healthy pre-post treatment process. Especially during the recovery phase after the treatment, solid foods that will damage the teeth and gums are avoided for a while. In addition, general oral and dental care is given importance. Because if it is desired not to experience the slightest problem after the treatment, these should be done especially. Hollywood smile is an aesthetic application that comes to the forefront in the dental field. However, there are processes to take care of afterwards. If oral health is to be fully protected, practices that will put oral health at risk should be avoided in the next process. All suggestions and warnings given by the doctor to the patient should also be taken into account. If the necessary care is not given to oral care after the treatment, soon after the dental health is endangered.

This treatment has no risk ratio. It is a treatment that can be done easily by anyone. Aesthetic pursuits in dentistry, the desire to have more perfect smiles, and the desire to have white and impressive teeth have been increasing in recent years. At USMILETURKEY, it is a prominent not only for an aesthetic smile, but also for a healthy mouth structure. Together with our specialist doctors in field, you can perform your reliable and affordable dental treatment where the risks are minimized.

In short, if you want to have a Hollywood smile, you should definitely have it done in Turkey. Both smile makeover costs are less and your treatment is carried out by reliable and expert doctors in USMILETURKEY. In addition to these, you will have an unforgettable dental holiday. Before and after the smile makeover, you can be sure that you will not have any problems. If there are some minor problems, you will be treated with care and attention by specialist doctors.

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