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Hollywood smile, which is the choice of those who want to have a perfect smile, corresponds to healthy teeth and symmetrical lips. This form of a smile, which means that the teeth are laid out with all their regularity, is very fashionable not only in Hollywood but also in our country.

Noting that 95% of Hollywood stars have the ideal smile, experts agree that it is no coincidence that the perfect smile is also commemorated together with Hollywood, the center of the film industry. At this point, the people who want to take advantage of the options in question are most interested in issues such as smile makeover cost in the UK.

First of all, smile makeover costs in the UK vary according to the preferred methods. For this reason, it is unlikely to provide clear information about smile makeover costs in the UK.

Hollywood Smile with All the Details

Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts are among the names shown as examples of Hollywood smiles. In this smile, which is called the Hollywood smile Antalya, the upper teeth should look neat, and the incisors should be more prominent and in front. The lower incisors should appear when laughing, and the first molar should also appear during a smile. The lips should be viewed symmetrically and close the gums.

It is expected that the teeth will be accompanied by a white and healthy smile. When designing Smile makeover Turkey, the patient's face, nose, lips, jaw, teeth, and gum structure are taken into account. The design is carried out for both a smile and a maximum smile. Designs that promise more energetic, aesthetic, and healthy smiles aim to create the ideal smile that best suits your face shape, skin color, and gender. For some patients, a few procedures are enough, while for others, the ideal smile is obtained at the end of a process that takes longer.

Hollywood Smile with All the Details
Applications for Hollywood Smile

Applications for Hollywood Smile

Porcelain veneer provides a sequential and smooth appearance to the teeth. Thanks to the light transmission property of porcelain, a natural appearance can be achieved. If the order of the teeth is correct, only whitening can be performed. If some deficiencies or curvatures disrupt the aesthetics of the tooth, it is completed with an implant or bridge.

According to the patient's choice, glass-ceramic applications with metal support or zirconium substrate are selected. With diastema closure, cavities can be closed without cutting the teeth. If there are problems with the gums or a misaligned appearance, it is recovering. Broken teeth are repaired with a composite restoration.

Finally, filler procedures can be performed to provide smile aesthetics if necessary. While the patient's approval is obtained for each procedure to be performed, the patient is informed simultaneously during the process. The smile makeover before and after the process is another important aspect that individuals are wondering about. At this point, you can see that miracles are created with a Hollywood smile by studying the examples of smile makeovers before and after.

Hollywood dental aesthetics, which is collectively categorized under the name of smile design, brings impressive smiles for both men and women. The smile design that both dentists and estheticians and orthodontists work with together is the secret of white, symmetrical and healthy smiles. Smile design is the secret to white, symmetrical and healthy smiles.

Smile Makeover Cost

You are at the right address to take advantage of the smile aesthetics offered under the name of Hollywood Smile Turkey. As Usmileturkey, we offer you the most professional smile makeover treatment service. You can also take immediate action to take advantage of the smile makeover dental service.

Smile makeover cost varies according to the methods to be applied. Contact Usmileturkey for detailed information about all prices! We offer you professional support on everything from travel planning to accommodation during the treatment process.

Smile Makeover Cost

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