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Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Tooth Extraction in Turkey

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Tooth extraction is inevitable if your teeth are beyond saving due to decay and other problems. Tooth extraction is often seen as a simple application, but in fact, it is a strict procedure that might require surgical applications and must be carried out by experts. Get in touch with our experienced dentists to set a course for your health.


Tooth Extraction

            Dental health is quite important for human life. If there is any problem with the teeth all body can be adversely affected by this problem. Teeth can be damaged because of malnourishment or not giving enough importance to oral hygiene. In those cases, teeth can get infected and this situation threats one's health.

            Tooth extraction is a way of treatment that eliminates the tooth that has dangerous to dental health. In some cases, other treatments can fail to rescue infected or broken teeth. Also extracting one tooth can save other teeth. It can be easily said that tooth extraction is the last solution for the dentist.

In which circumstances is the tooth extraction done?

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            Tooth extraction is a dental treatment that gives a solution to some dental problems. Some dental diseases can be quite dangerous in terms of infection. In those cases, the infected tooth can be extracted.

            Tooth decaying is the most common dental problem. This problem causes the tooth to become unusable. Decaying increases bacteria in the tooth and it damages oral health totally. For example, in the case of decaying, it can be easily said that there is bad breath and pain. Infected tooth extraction can save other teeth in many cases. Bacteria colonies that cause decaying spread to other teeth. If the dentist extracts the infected tooth you can regain your oral health.

            Apart from decaying tooth problems genetic factors or tooth shape can be fixed by tooth extraction treatment. If you have teeth that do not fit into your jaw those teeth can be extracted. Especially, tooth extraction can be done for preliminary preparation in orthodontics.

            In the root canal treatment, tooth extraction can be implemented as the last method, if deemed necessary by the dentist. Bacteria can go to the dental pulp and causes an infection. In that case, dentists tend to use canal treatment but in some cases, the tooth can be damaged severely. In this case, tooth extraction is a necessary solution.

What is wisdom tooth extraction?

            Teeth growing begins with deciduous (milk teeth) teeth in the infancy period. Then, the milk teeth gradually fall out to leave their places for adult teeth. In the beginning, there are 28 teeth but people have four more. Those four teeth are called wisdom teeth. For many individuals, those molars do not come out in a healthy way. It causes pain and dental disorders. For example, they may remain embedded or semi-buried in the jaw. Due to insufficient place they can damage other teeth.

            Wisdom tooth extraction can be considered as the branch of the tooth extraction treatment. When it comes to wisdom teeth the extraction should be necessary. Impacted and semi impacted or cramped wisdom teeth can also cause inflammation of the gum, bad breath, and tissue loss in the roots and enamel of neighbouring teeth.

            In order to eliminate the consequences of wisdom teeth, you will need a surgical tooth extraction. In the beginning, your dentist will evaluate your X-ray results. And if it is necessary, the dentist will perform the tooth extraction.

How to do tooth extraction?

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            Tooth extraction is an operation that is only performed by dentists. The main aim of this treatment is to remove the infected or damaged tooth.  For many individuals, tooth extraction treatment can be so frightening and painful. In fact, there is no need to worry about this treatment. Before the operation, your dentist will do local anaesthesia and even in some cases, dentists may prefer sedation for anxious patients. Local anaesthesia is applied to the surrounding sides of the patient's problematic tooth. It takes a while for the anaesthesia to affect the mouth. If there is more than one tooth that is extracted the amount of local anaesthesia is also increased to prevent pain after tooth extraction.

            After the anaesthesia stage, the dentist begins to do the extraction on your teeth. First, the gum and the bone tissues which surrounds the tooth are cut by special dental equipment. Then the infected or damaged tooth begins to be loosened from the jawbone. In this part, the dentist will use forceps which help to remove the tooth from the jawbone.

            It is quite normal for bleeding after tooth extraction. Also, the cavity should be buffered in order to prevent bleeding. When the bleeding begins to stop the dentist will put special paste to eliminate bacteria and pain in the cavity. This special paste also helps the tooth extraction healing process. After the operation, the dentist may give you paracetamol or antibiotics to accelerate tooth extraction recovery. Also, tooth extraction healing stages are quite easy. In one week you will get total recovery.

            If you want to have more information about tooth extraction prices you can get in contact with us.



  • Your teeth, which cannot be saved, are prevented from causing more damage to your oral health.
  • You get rid of the teeth that look bad visually.
  • Your bones are strengthened by the extraction process that will not damage your jaw structure.
  • The problems you have due to the aching teeth are eliminated.
  • You will be able to act without hesitation when your teeth appear during communication.
  • You will get successful results with technological facilities, and you will be able to have another natural-looking tooth instead of your pulled tooth.


1. Is tooth extraction painful?

Tooth extraction is not a painful process because your dentist will give local anesthesia to you before the operation. You will not have any pain during the operation.

2. In which circumstances do tooth extraction recommended?

Tooth extraction is done on the conditions that there is tooth damage, jaw issues, or genetic misshaped tooth.

3. What should I do before tooth extraction?

You should avoid eating and smoking for 12 hours before the operation. You will be informed more about tooth extraction by your doctor in your first medical consultation.

4. What can I expect during the tooth extraction process?

You should not feel anxious about pain. Before the operation, the dentist gives your local anesthesia. During the operation, you can feel the extraction, but it will not hurt you. Also, bleeding is considered normal during the extraction.

5. Will sedation influence the healing rate of the tooth extraction process?

If you feel so anxious about the pain, you can ask your dentist about the sedation. But there is a misbelief that sedation can influence the healing of the tooth extraction process badly. It is a totally wrong argument. There is no evidence for this argument and sedation can be a good option for your operation process.

6. Can I be put to sleep when undergoing a tooth extraction process?

If you choose the sedation option, you will be put to sleep during the tooth extraction process.

7. Do I need to rest after tooth extraction?

Yes, you need to rest at least 24 hours after the tooth extraction. Also, you should avoid any strenuous activity.

8. Can I smoke after tooth extraction?

You cannot smoke at least five days after the tooth extraction.

9. When can I eat after tooth extraction?

For 24 hours after the process, you only consume soft foods and liquids such as soup. On the following day, you can eat as usual.

10. What kind of foods you should not consume after tooth extraction?

You should not consume too hot and too cold foods as well as sticky, crunchy, and tough foods.


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