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Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

5 - 7 Days

Is it broken? Then let us fix it! If you’re missing any teeth, then the dental implants are just the solution for you. Fixing dental implants in your mouth is the prerequisite for many treatments such as crowns, dental bridges, dentures and so on. It is a crucial procedure that must be carried out by an expert. Get in touch with us to reach our accomplished dentists and start your treatment right away!



Dental health has high importance to the human body. It affects not only the mouth but the whole body system so you should give importance to your dental health. Dental problems cause getting worsening of your life quality. No one wants to have a missing tooth since it causes health and aesthetic problems.

A dental implant provides an effective solution to dental problems. It is a frequently used method to fix teeth problems. This treatment is a surgical method that fixes both one's teeth and jaws. So people who choose this treatment will fix chewing, and biting problems as well as change their aesthetic appearances in a good way.

Dental implant treatment offers you a permanent solution to dental health. It is a surgery that should be carried out by an experienced dentist. In U Smile Turkey, the dental implant operations are carried out by our professional dentists. Also, this operation is performed in sterilized rooms at our clinic.


Dental Implantation
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We determine if teeth extraction, bone grafting etc. will be needed.
smile makeover in Turkey
We implant the correct number and quality of dental implants.
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Temporary Prosthesis
We load temporary prosthesis to minimize your difficulty in eating.
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Permanent Loading
We load the dental permanent prosthesis on your second visit.


What is dental implant surgery?

Dental implant treatment surgery allows individuals to fix ongoing tooth loss problems. It helps individuals to have a new dental appearance. Dental implants are titanium screws that are used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. Titanium gives screws lifelong durability and this element is not harmful to the human body. It can be said that implants are a kind of artificial tooth roots. Those artificial roots provide a strong place for teeth. Those teeth will fit your natural teeth so you do not need to worry about natural looking.

People who lose many teeth in their mouths may apply this treatment. Dental implant treatment is a permanent solution for tooth loss. Screws will be set in the jawbone and they will be permanent on the mouth. It is a better aesthetic solution than other dental treatments. You can eat and bite better and you do not need to worry about when you bite tough or crunchy foods. It also provides a natural looking to patients. You can smile without any hesitation.

In dental implant surgery, your mouth size and shape will be measured by the dentist. According to your jawbone, tooth, and jaw types, you will have a totally natural looking. This surgical operation can be applied to almost all kinds of jaw or mouth types. Not only in the situation of teeth loss but also in the situation of broken or cracked teeth can patients prefer dental implant surgery. Those damaged teeth can be replaced with artificial teeth. If you need to know better about dental implant costs you can get in contact with us.


What are the types of dental implant surgery?

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Dental implants are a well-known dental treatment. People who seek a permanent solution for having natural-looking teeth prefer this treatment. When it comes to types of dental implants there are many kinds of dental implant surgeries. The types of dental implants differ depending on the person. After your first medical consultation, your dentist will recommend the most suitable implant way for you. Genetic factors, age, and general health situation are other factors that determine the type of implant.

The jawbone is determinant in terms of dental implant surgery. In order to set the titanium screws, you need a strong and adequate jawbone. If your jawbone is not thick enough or too soft, you may need a bone graft before dental implant surgery. A bone graft for a dental implant is a process that prepares jaws for the implant screws. There are several bone graft materials that can be used to rebuild or strengthen your jawbone. Patients may choose natural or synthetic bone grafts. Both of them have their own pros and cons. In natural bone grafts, the doctor will take a bone from your body. In that case, there will be no histo-incompatibility problems. On the other hand, people who do not prefer to be operated on bone graft extraction may choose the synthetic bone graft option. When it comes to the necessity of bone grafting your dentist will inform you about the most suitable options for you.

Endosteal dental implants are also one of the most well-known types of implants. When it comes to considering its complications, it is suitable for many patient groups. But this implant type can only be done on the conditions that there is a healthy and strong jawbone for implant screws.

If you don't like having your jawbone drilled with a screw, you can choose the subperiosteal implant type. If you do not have enough amount of jawbone you may prefer this type. In this technique, dental implants are placed on the top of the jawbone instead of being screwed to the jawbone.


Packages included


  • Doctor Consultation
  • Panoramic X-Rays
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Tooth Filling (if needed)
  • Tartar Removal (if needed)
  • Temporary Crowns *
  • Permanent Zirconia Crowns
  • All Necessary Medicines
  • Accomodation
  • Vip Airport Transfer
  • Language Support
* If the dentist determines that a temporary denture will not adversely affect the healing process, it may be provided after the placement of the implants.

* The prices above is for cash only

Dental Implant Packages

Great alternative to dentures. Full-arch dental prosthesis will be fixed to 4 implant.

Package Details

  • 4 x Implants
  • 10 x Zirconia Crowns
Requires two visits for 6-7 days with the 3-6 months delay.
1st visit
£1600 / €1900 / $1900
2nd visit
£2000 / €2350 / $2350
Best and most natural looking solution. Fixed bridge is screwed instead of prosthesis.

Package Details

  • 6 x Implants
  • 12 x Zirconia Crowns
Requires two visits for 6-7 days with the 3-6 months delay.
1st visit
£2300 / €2700 / $2700
2nd visit
£1790 / €2100 / $2100
Full mouth implant packages are best for the patients who have missing teeth at both jaws.

Package Details

  • 12 x Implants
  • 24 x Zirconia Crowns
Requires two visits for 6-7 days with the 3-6 months delay.
1st visit
£4500 / €5300 / $5300
2nd visit
£3450 / €4100 / $4100



What is anterior dental implant?

The anterior teeth are more visible than the posterior teeth. People suffering from loss of anterior teeth may feel anxious and they tend to believe having an unaesthetic appearance themselves. Also, anterior teeth are more vulnerable than posterior teeth to accidents. Many people lose their anterior teeth when they do sports.

A front tooth dental implant can be easily applied to most patients having a healthy jawbone. Even if this treatment is mostly done for adults this can be done for teenagers too.

Before anterior dental implant surgery, your dentist may put prostheses to sustain your aesthetic appearance. In the surgery, it is not recommended to touch healthy teeth in anterior dental implants. Because there is a risk of infection and it ends with the extraction of the healthy tooth. Like dental implants, prosthetic teeth are settled in your jawbone with screws. After the treatment, you will have strong and healthy teeth.

Anterior dental implant treatment contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the person. Also, it helps to increase the general health quality of the patient. People who have frontal dental implants will regain their shining smiles. In addition to that, anterior tooth implant surgery gives patients natural-looking teeth. Moreover, frontal implants protect neighboring healthy teeth. Also, you can eat and bite better than before.

A single tooth implant can be considered an anterior dental implant method. This treatment can be completed in a very short time. If you lose one tooth, especially on your frontal part you may choose this treatment. If you have enough bone tissue the dentist can do the operation within 30 minutes. The single tooth implant is also a permanent implant treatment. If you have one missing tooth you should not hesitate to ask your doctor about single tooth implant treatment.

What are the stages of dental implant treatment?

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People having missing teeth want to know better about dental implant treatment. How the dental implant treatment is carried out is one of the most frequently asked questions by the patients. It can be said that there are three stages of dental implant treatment. The procedure for a dental implant consists of three parts: pre-operation, operation procedure, and post-operation.

In the pre-operation stage, you will have a medical consultation with your dentist. In this consultation, your dentist will ask you several important questions about general health. If you take any medicines regularly or have an allergy to any kind of medication or anesthesia you should tell to your dentist. In the second part of pre-operation, the dentist will measure your mouth and jawbone. In those days 3D designing tools are used effectively by dentists to model implants. This technique gives better results in terms of shape and size.

During the operation process, the dentist will inject anesthesia into your jaw and gingiva. Thus, you will not feel any kind of pain during the process. The dentist will drill your jawbone and will set screws to the jawbone. After the setting of the screws, the prosthesis tooth will be put to the screws.

After dental implant surgery, patients should be careful about what they should not eat or what kind of activities they should not do. For example, you do not do heavy or risky sports for ten days.

If you need the best dental implant treatment you can look at U Smile Turkey, you can contact us about the prices of dental implants.


Dental implant cost in Turkey

Dental implant surgery is the best solution to fix dental problems permanently. If you want to have an aesthetic and healthy mouth you can apply this treatment. In Turkey, dental implant treatment is also quite a popular treatment. Dental implant treatment cost depends on how many teeth will be set. For example, full mouth dental implant costs and mini dental implant costs are not the same. In the full mouth implant, the dentist will focus on your mouth totally. In mini dental surgery, one or two teeth will be set on your mouth.

If you need to get more information about permanent and full dental implant costs you can contact us.

smile makeover in Turkey
smile makeover in Turkey
"The place sparkling clean. The dentist was great can't wait to hear what he recommends for later. Tehe staff were friendly and attentive. My friend and family want to get work done so i can't wait to see how he could whiten my teeth an give me a great smile."
Oliver Stevens
smile makeover in Turkey
smile makeover in Turkey
smile makeover in Turkey
" The clinic is super hygienic, and everyone is really careful about all the medical requirements for health. My dentist carefully explained every step of the operation and every equipment that he was going to use. Post operation care was also amazing. "
Mason Roe
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  • Fix the holes in your smile fix the holes in your confidence!
  • The process results in durable replacements.
  • Since fixing dental implants in your mouth is the prerequisite for many treatments it is a vital process in having improved dental health and having a more aesthetic look.


1. Is the dental implant process painful?

During dental implant treatment, you will not feel any pain. Before the operation, your dentist will anesthetize your mouth. In some cases, if your dentist considers the sedation necessary you will not feel any pain during the process.

2. Which chronic diseases are not eligible for dental implants?

Most people seem eligible for dental implants. But if you have uncontrolled diabetes, blood clotting disorders and cancer, and immune system diseases you are not eligible for dental implants.

3. What are the risk factors for dental implant treatment?

It can be said that there are no severe risk factors for dental implant treatments. When you get medical consultation from your dentist you will be informed better about minor risk factors of dental implant treatment.

4. How should you prepare yourself for dental implants?

Dental implant treatment is quite a basic operation. But before the operation day, you can rest at home. Also, if you feel anxious about the process you may ask your dentist for the sedation during the treatment.

5. How is a dental implant placed?

The dental implants are placed by the dentists. The dentist will make local anesthesia before the operation. The gum part is cut to expose the jawbone. The holes will be drilled into the jawbone to put the dental implant.

6. How long does a dental implant last?

You should visit the clinic two times. In the first session, the dentist will place your implants. You should be in Turkey for 3 – 6 days. Then in the second session, after this required time, you should be 5-6 days in Turkey for the treatment.

7. How long does the surgery take for dental implants?

The surgery process will take one or two hours mostly. In some cases, this span can be larger such as jawbone situation.

8. Can dental implants be removed?

Yes, it is possible to remove dental implants from your mouth. This process should be done by your dentist. Please be aware that the removal process needs surgical intervention.

9. Do dental implants look natural to you?

Yes, dental implants look natural. Your doctor molds and shape the crown before putting it in your mouth. They will perfectly match the shape of your natural tooth.

10. Are dental implants permanent?

Yes, dental implants are produced to be permanent. You can use your teeth as you used before.

11. What kind of foods cannot you eat after dental implant treatment?

You should be careful after the dental implant treatment in terms of eating and drinking. You cannot eat crunchy, tough, chewy foods. Also, acidic, and spicy foods can be harmful after the operation.

12. Can I use temporary dentures after implant surgery?

You can use your dentures after the surgery but if the dentist determines that a temporary denture will not adversely affect the healing process, it may be provided after the placement of the implants.

13. Do dental implants have a warranty?

Dental implant surgery has a lifetime guarantee in the conditions of breaking or fracturing. If you need more information about warranty conditions, you can contact us.


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